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our story

Our Story

Moreish Coffee is the consumer arm of Caffe Society and part of the Brew Group Ltd.

Caffe Society is a family run business, specialising in supplying commercial coffee machines, fresh coffee, and a range of related ingredients, to businesses, mostly in the hospitality sector.

We’ve been trading since the early 2000’s and over the years have built up a large customer base and a great reputation for quality products and service.

The consumer coffee market is something we’ve wanted to get into for a while and we decided if we were going to do that, we needed a new brand and a tailored range of new products.

Hence Moreish was born, a play on the name of the Mooring family who founded and still run Caffe Society, as well a word associated with fine food and drink!

We have previously been selling Moreish coffee solely on Amazon with great success since 2019 so we thought the time is right for us to now launch our own website.

our coffee

The process of producing our varied range of Moreish Coffee begins by sourcing all of our beans from some of the finest growing regions and plantation in the world.

Each type of bean has been specifically chosen due to their inherent characteristics and flavour notes.

They are hand-picked, sorted and then delivered to our warehouse in Yorkshire,. We carefully roast to exact profiles on a daily basis, which are then packaged and swiftly shipped, to ensure a freshness and quality like no other.

The origins of our arabica and robusta are just as important to us as it is to you; We select our coffee based on several key characteristics that provide the perfect mix of flavours and colours. Using this, we can create a truly distinctive taste that we believe you won't find anywhere else.

We select beans from around the globe. As such we try our best to ensure that only the finest beans from these nations are selected.

You'll find beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Uganda. We are always trying to increase the availability and provenance of our superb selection of coffees.